The Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun is a prominent institution that shapes the career of thousands of students in India. This article is all about RIMC Previous Years Question Papers. In short, there are tricks and tips for solving the paper in the easiest possible way and setting a benchmark by practicing RIMC’s last 10 years sample question papers with answers.

As per the sources, RIMC will conduct its Entrance Examination on the 18th of December in the academic year 2021-2022. With exams coming front, the pressure and the tensions among the students are at their peak. But, this article is the solution to all your queries regarding the Entrance Examination. 

Admission of Class 8 students 

The update regarding the Entrance Exam has come up on the official website of RIMC, i.e. However, a student desiring to get admission in this institution has the opportunity to submit their forms through the means of offline mode. Actually, the students can at first just go through the military school entrance exam question paper and know the intensity. They have to submit the same to the State Public Service Commission by visiting their website. 

It is in the cities as well as the towns or at times in the state capitals as per the advertisement. So, each student can sit for the test by concerning the State Public Service Commission.

The students of RIMC who are willing to take admission in the institution for Class 8 can give their respective Entrance Examination in December itself. So, they can check out the RIMC Solved Papers Free download for their reference. It is the responsibility of the States and the Union territories for accepting the students’ application forms until the last date. Just Rs.600 has to be paid as the admission fee for the students belonging from the General category. 




Eligibilty: At a Glance

As per the protocol, the students must be at least 11 years old and not less than that for getting admission. However, eligibility is such that, they can’t get 13 years old in the coming July for getting the admission. In addition to that, candidates have to belong to Class 7, and if not that they should at least show their pass certificate of Class 7 from a reputed school. Following that, checking out the PDF Rashtriya Military School Sample Question Papers can always be an added advantage. The Military College quite strictly follows all such rules while giving admission to new batches. 

Whatever it might be that the RIMC last 10 years previous Year’s Question papers gives a rough idea to the students regarding the question pattern of this institute. Although they can sleep peacefully without worrying about the Entrance,  they have to make sure that their admission process gets smooth. For that purpose, they have to ensure that, Birth certificates, domiciles, Caste certificates, photographs, and other certificates are kept handy always.


Syllabus of RIMC for 2021

So far as the syllabus of the RIMC is concerned, there are four subjects all total. These are English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, and Current Affairs as well as the Interview. All the first three subjects are each of 50 marks whereas the interview is of 20 marks only. However, one look at the RIMC Mathematics Question Paper and the RIMC Maths Model Question Paper can be a wise decision.

Benefits of Solving Previous Question Papers

Here, there are some core benefits that the students can get by solving the Previous Years RIMC Sample Question Papers. To be specific, RIMC’s Last 10 years’ of model and practice papers can be such a boon. Curious right? So, let’s dive deep into it.


  •  Deep knowledge about the Pattern of Question Pattern is a must.

One should be familiar with the exam pattern as the most crucial part of analyzing the depth of examination. By, solving military school entrance exam question paper any student can understand the level of hard work that they have to put into the examination. That is the reason, preparing the previous years’ papers is mandatory. 




  • Practice is the key

A quite known point right? But, it’s the truth that, Practice is the main heck to crack any examination. Solving random stuff is separate and having a grasp over RIMC-solved question papers can be damn good. It is just that, you can understand where you lack in your preparation and learn from your mistakes. While practicing one can know their difficulties and so can improve it at any point in time.


  • Managing the time effectively

Knowing the art of time management is the best way of cracking the Entrance exam fruitfully. The student has to value time for making the most out of it and that is the foremost mantra for acing in the examination. Following that, time can be easily managed if one solves the previous years’ question papers in a disciplined manner. Doing so, one has to understand that, this should be attempted in the same way as that of the actual examination. Only then, there will be increasing chances of scores getting high. Thus, your output would reach its zenith that way.


  • Assessing yourself properly

Immediately after setting your mind for giving an examination, the students must have enough courage to assess themselves in the best possible manner. This can be done before the completion of the syllabus and finishing the major topics. But, in this phase of preparation, the question paper speaks a lot. The student must refer to the pdf Rashtriya and try to note their ability by assessing themselves. By doing so, small tricks, methods, plans, and concepts can be captured in your brain permanently.


  • Understanding the part to “Avoid” while preparing

You can avoid some unnecessary stuff while preparation. The tough part involves recognizing which part to skip and going accordingly. As every single topic doesn’t have much importance or chances of popping in the examination so skipping can help. For example, the student cannot learn all the things included in the GA Syllabus. So, if skipped this can help them to focus on the important topics more. Therefore, smartness while studying the topics counts a lot in giving the exam in a good way. 

  • Self Confidence Can Help

Solving the 10 years old Question Papers not only gives you a tour of the exams but also boosts your self-confidence. It makes you believe that; you can crack the examination and come out with flying colors. As your mind gets ready for the examination, you automatically gain courage and do well.




Tips for attending the Previous Years Question Papers of RIMC

  1. As the exams are knocking on the door, so knowing the tricks of solving Previous Years Question Papers of the RIMC entrance examination can be a wise thing. 
  2. Learn the answers first, give time in absorbing the questions later. Grasp over the concept helps a lot in this regard.
  3. Set your mind to solve previous years’ question papers in one go. Never take breaks in between your exam timings.
  4. Attempt the Previous Years Question Papers seriously.
  5. Try to avoid reattempting the answer after the final submission of your answer sheet. Just behave as if you are giving a real examination.
  6. Lastly, but not least make a proper plan of which questions to try first-time distribution for a particular subject, and many other things.



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