Tips for preparation of Sainik school entrance exam

Various candidates every year apply for exam.  We are providing certain best tips that will help to crack the entrance exam.

  • Planning- You must do full planning for exams. You must set your timetable and assign proper time to every subject as per time table.  
  • Understand exam pattern- The understanding of exam patterns is quite important. This is required as you have to prepare for the exam accordingly. Hence, you can check the Sainik school entrance exam pattern on our app.
  • Exam syllabus- If you want to qualify entrance exam then you must be aware of the exam syllabus. You must have a proper syllabus forthe exam. Also, prepare your timetable according to the syllabus. The timetable helps you to handle every subject. You can also check our website for Sainik schoolsyllabus.
  • Clear your concepts- You must clear your concepts. If you don’t have strong basics then you will not be able to solve advanced or tough questions. Cover all the basic concepts for every topic.
  • Weak areas- You must be aware of your strong and weak areas. You must analyze that what are your weak areas in every subject. Work on your weak areas and give proper attention to every topic. Practice more for better results.
  • Practice previous year papers/ Mock tests- If you are looking to achieve the best results in the Sainik Schoolentrance exam then you must crack mock tests and previous year papers. If you will not practice then you will not be able to qualify the entrance exam. You can get mock tests from our website
  • Make exam notes- You must make notes as it will be helpful for you. You must revise the whole syllabus from these notes. Prepare notes as per exam syllabus.
  • Time management- Managing time is an important aspect of preparation forthe entrance exam. You might know that you have limited time to do the question paper. Hence, you must practice mock tests and previous year papers for time management. In this way, you will be able to analyze time spent on a single question. You must also work on writing speed.
  • Study material- You must study from the best books according to the latest syllabus. You can click on our app for the latest syllabus. Buy latest edition book or Sainik School sample paper for preparation of entrance exam. So, don’t worry you will be able to crack the All India Sainik School Entrance exam 2022.
  • Tuition class- You can also join a tuition class to clear your concepts and build your foundation. You can have a look at our Sainik school online course for details.


So, if you are looking to clear exam then these tips and Sainik coaching will help you to crack  You can implement these tricks and can qualify for the entrance exam with flying colors.


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