The Geometry School is planning to start its next academic session i.e. 2021-2022 any time soon. Just to meet out the ease of brilliant students of the academy, the School Committee has planned to open its hostel for their benefit. Purposively, the hostel is equipped with standardized rooms, tables, chairs, and all other necessary commodities. “Discipline” is given the utmost importance in the hostel campus and monitoring students’ all-around development is the ultimate goal of the institution. Apart from that, individual care is assured for each student and their success gives us the utmost pleasure. Also, the budget-friendly hostel’s fee structure becomes an easy for the parents to enroll their wards into the institution’s hostel.


Following that, skill development programs are also carried out in the hostel campus to set the benchmark of this school. Finally, students are kept engaged with their studies mostly and the leisure time is accompanied by some mental games. Truly all the necessary guidance is imparted to the students to make them great human beings altogether. 


Daily Routine:

There is a synchronized way of functioning when we are discussing the daily routine of Geometry School. According to the rules, students are directed to wake up sharp at 6 am. They must get fresh within 20 mins and join the teacher for physical exercises. So, exercising begins at 6:20 am and lasts for a total of fifteen minutes. Now, as the clock ticks by the school timings come tend to come closer. So, the students prepare themselves for school from 6:45 pm to 7:30 am. Indeed, they have to match the pace of the timings as breakfast follows right after that. Now, the students move to the dining hall where they are allotted half an hour for finishing their breakfast.

Note: The school timings begin at 8 am sharp and last till 1:10 pm.

Moving on, each student enjoys their lavishing lunch within 30 minutes and rests for some time. As the clock touches, 3:30 pm all the students must get up from sleep and attend the class that starts perfectly at 3:30 pm and goes on for an hour. 


The rest of the routine details are as follows:

  • Students are given snacks to enjoy from 4:30 pm and their leisure period lasts for an hour.
  • 5 pm is the best time as per the students as they can play games during that time frame and gets relief from studies that time. Notably, they can enjoy their games for one and half time at stress.
  • Following that, 6:30 pm is the time when the students can attend their call from family members and share their daily activities. However, just half an hour is given for this.
  • Right after that, 7:30 pm is marked as the dinner time for the students and that lasts till 8 pm.
  • Again, the students must prepare themselves for studying as their study time ends at 9:30 pm.
  • So, 9:30 pm marks the end of the day’s activity and the students have to sleep soon after that time.

Thus, the Geometry School has a total grasp over all the activities that they have planned as a daily routine. This becomes the stepping stone for the success of each student. 


Sports and Game facilities:

For overall growth, it is mandatory to keep a close watch on both the physical and mental development of the students. So, to meet out this purpose, the Geometry School has specialized teachers to monitor proper growth in the field of sports and games in the school. Here, healthy competitions are held between the students to improve their performance consequently. Even, sessions on the importance of physical fitness are kept for making the students aware of this cause. 

In short, let us take a look at the games that are practiced in the institution. These games include:

  • Basketball
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Kabaddi
  • Chess
  • Cricket

Many other games like ludo and such games follow up as well.


Medical and Healthcare Facility:

The institution is much concerned with the physical well-being of every student. This is the very reason that the Geometry School provides medical as well as healthcare facilities for the students. In case, any students get sick suddenly, then medical aid would be at their disposal then and there. Further, the teacher acts just like the parents during any medical emergency and complete care of the student is ensured during the phase of such circumstances. Important medicines are kept handy with the faculty for any kind of emergency and so there is nothing to worry about. 

Therefore, as a family, the Geometry School works together to help the students in fighting against any disease and gets successful too. 


Food and lodging:

Here, the Geometry School gives utmost importance to the student’s health and therefore, the fooding is arranged that way. So, here is the list of the stuff that the students of the institution can enjoy:


Monday-      The breakfast begins with Bread Jam and milk
  Lunch will comprise of daal, sabzi, rice, roti, and salad
  Tea time will mark the snacks 
  Dinner will comprise of daal and roti
Tuesday-   Dalia will begin your day as this is the breakfast.
  Lunch will be the same as that of Monday.
  Snack will be the same daily
  Dinner will be the same as Monday.
Wednesday- Breakfast will be enjoyed by halwa and milk.
  Rajma Rice follows for lunch
  Snacks will be the same as usual
  Dinner is the same as well
Thursday-  Breakfast will be enjoyed by halwa and milk.
   Rajma Rice follows for lunch
  Snacks will be the same.
  Dinner is the same as well
Friday-  Bread, jam, and milk is the breakfast on Fridays
  Veg Biriyani and Raita is served as lunch
    Snacks remain the same.
   Dinner is the same as usual.
Saturday-  Puri and sabzi is the breakfast on all Saturdays
  Lunch consists of sabzi, dal, rice, roti, and salad.
  Snacks remain the same.
  Dinner is the same as well
Sunday-  Macaroni with tea is served as breakfast
  Paneer kheer rice is given in lunch
  Tea is given as usual in snacks

Khichdi is served as dinner on Sundays.



Textbooks and stationeries:-

All the essential textbooks and stationeries that are necessary for the Geometry School are provided by the school itself. The fees collected during admission have the inclusion of the expenses of textbooks and stationeries. Truly, the best quality notebooks, pens, and pencils are given to all students. Mainly, other stuff like graph papers and such stuff are collected from the renowned brand itself. 

Now, it’s just the sole responsibility of the students to perform excellently in their examinations with our guidance. With, the right sort of materials the students are assured of getting away with flying colors only. 


Kit and Clothing:-

As per the norms of Geometry school, the students must carry their kits as well as clothing items sufficiently. This includes carrying at least two bedsheets as well as one blanket. Each student must have Sport shoes and PT shoes of their own. Also, necessary items such as toothbrushes, bathing soap, and hair oil must be carried by the students right from their homes.  

Certain items will be provided by the Geometry school. Such stuff is as follows:

  • 2 pieces of the dress will be provided along with 2 tracksuits
  • One T-shirt will be given by the school itself
  • 1 mattress, pillow as well as mosquito net is assured from the school authority to the students.


Laundry Facility:-

The Geometry School has effectively set up its rules and according to the latest norms; the school takes the responsibility of providing laundry facilities for the students. This further means that, students need to keep their complete focus on their studies, and rest activities will be in the hands of the faculty. However, fees adjustment for laundry would be done at the time of admission only. So, neither the authority nor the guardians need to worry regarding any monetary matters.


24*7 Light and Ro Water:-

The Geometry School provides 24*7 electric facilities in the entire campus and Ro water is available for the students always. Moreover, they can use as much water as they require but the need for sustainable development is also taught here. Students must fill up their respective bottles from the purified water and drink it whenever necessary. Lastly, the school takes the entire responsibility of molding the students in an A-class environment. 


Group Discussion:-

Most importantly, group discussions are also conducted on regular basis for developing the speaking ability of students. The students of Geometry School who are the aspiring future of India are taught to speak boldly in front of a crowd. Certain competition regarding group discussion is also kept to boost the self-confidence of the pupils. For the same purpose, specialized teachers are hired to train the students in public speaking. So, studying here would be always fun along with these activities. 


High-Class Security with CCTV:-

Here, the entire hostel, as well as the school, is under CCTV Surveillance for monitoring all the activities regularly. So, there is nothing to worry about the personal stuff and other issues. The Geometry School looks after it all.


Computer Lab for Online Mock test:-

Along with the Computer lab facility, the Geometry School also conducts online mock classes for enhancing the knowledge of the students. Complete care of the student’s intelligence ability is given on the school premises. Also, other projects are assisted by the teachers through the means of the computers present in the lab. Therefore, the students have all the extraordinary facilities for excelling in the school. 


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