Best time to start preparation for SAINIK/RMS/RIMC Exam 

Proper planning, in any field of life, could be the key to success and can play a pivotal role in determining whether you achieve your desired goal or not. The same applies to the preparation of examinations like SAINIK/RMS/RIMC. If you are planning to appear for these exams and you want to give yourself enough time to prepare well, you should start preparing well in advance. It helps you cover each topic listed in the syllabus and practice well before the actual exam date arrives.


What is Sainik School, RMS and RIMC Exam?

Sainik School

Sainik School is the most renowned school in India for aspirants to the military. The Sainik schools are found across all states in the nation. Before, if a pupil wanted to be admitted into a Sainik school, they needed to speak with the school's administration, and every Sainik School conducted its individual admissions test.


Rashtriya Military Schools Common Entrance Test acronym RMC CET is administered by the organization's authority. These Rashtriya Military Schools are administrated by the Directorate General of Military Training located at IHQ of the MOD (Army). The Defence Secretary of the Ministry of Defence is the principal body responsible for these schools. The CET is held to allow admission to the class VII and VIII classes. Rashtriya Military Schools are fully residential public schools that are connected to CBSE.


The RIMC 2022, also known as Rashtriya Indian Military College, offers admission to boys only in the 8th grade. If applicants wish to gain admission into RIMC and are eligible, they need to be eligible for the written test and interview process. The test is taken at the National level. It will take place in two weeks of the test, one in July and one in January. Only boys who have completed the 7th standard exam will be able for admission to RIMC. Go through this entire article to learn more about RIMC 2022.


Qualifications for the exams

Sainik School 

Class 6th

Age limit criteria - Between 10 and 12 to 12 years old (01 April 2010 through 31 March 2012) (Note age limitation is the same for girls applicants.) from 31 March 2022.

Educational Qualifications - Minimum Qualification Required is 05th class, and attending students may also apply (Finally passed).


Class 9th

Age Limit Criteria - 13-15 years (01 April 2007 until 31 March 2009) (Note that girls are not eligible for Class IX)as of 31 March 2022.

Educational Qualifications - The applicant must pass out 8th Standard from a recognized school or board, and students who have not yet graduated can apply. Still, the applicant must have passed class VIII.


Rashtriya Military Schools 

Class 6th

Educational Qualifications - Candidates must have passed the 5th grade from an approved school before their date for admission into a Rashtriya Military school.

Age Limit - Between 10-11 years old from the 1st day of July of the beginning of the academic year.


Note: Students who are in Class 5th can take the Entrance Test.


Class 9th

Educational Qualifications - Candidates should have passed the 8th grade at an approved school board.

Age Limit - 13-14 years at the beginning of the academic year.



Age Limit - 1Participants (boys only) taking the above test must be younger than 11% years old but must not have reached the age of 13 on 01 January in 2023. i.e., they must be born no later than 02 January 2010 but not after 01 July 2011.

Educational Qualifications - Candidates should be in Class VI or have passed Class VIl at any school recognized at their admission at the RIMC, i.e., 01 January in 2023.


How to prepare for these exams

  • Take a test paper for practice and check your level of preparation by scoring yourself. 

  • Check your weak areas and make it a point to study these topics in detail until you have mastered them thoroughly. 

  • Attempt a few mock tests that are available online, or try out some sample papers from books and magazines published by various coaching institutes 

  • Prepare a revision schedule and stick to it. 

  • Give mock tests and practice papers regularly to check your progress. 

  • Try out some online apps like geometryschool that can help you practice new concepts and better understand them. 

  • You can also hire or get help from an online tutor who will give you feedback on your performance and help you improve your skills. Online tutors are affordable and provide a convenient learning experience.


What is the benefit of starting early?

The earlier you begin preparing for your entrance exam or whichever goal you're trying to achieve, some additional benefits are added. Preparation is not just about studying harder but also about increasing your chances of success by finding ways to streamline your studies and improve your results. For example, taking practice tests can show you areas where you are weaker and so allow you to focus on improving those areas. 

If you're aiming for a competitive examination like Sainik School Examination, RIMC, or NDA, it makes sense to prepare early as these exams are very competitive, and only top scorers make it through. If you aim to crack one of these exams, then take steps early enough to give yourself ample time to prepare well.


Difficulty and competition in these exams 

All exams in India are competitive, but military schools and colleges have their challenges. The exam is complicated enough that even if you're short by a point or two on the cut-off, it might not be possible for you to be selected. Also, there is no guarantee that all applicants will be called for an interview because of the large number of applicants for limited vacancies. You need both excellent grades and an impressive personality to make it through. 


Students who have an eye on studying in a military school or college must, first and foremost, understand that these examinations are highly competitive. The general rule is that you have top grades and an impressive personality ('plus point') that makes you stand out from 1000s of other applicants with equally good grades.

DIFF be Sainik/RMS/rims? 



Sainik School




Class 6th - 10 to 12 years (01 April 2010 to 31 March 2012) (Note: Age limit is same for Girls Applicants.) as on 31 March 2022. 


Class 9th - 13 to 15 years (01 April 2007 to 31 March 2009) (Note: Girls are not applicable for Class IX)as on 31 March 2022

Class 6th -For admission to Class VI, a candidate should not be less than 10 years and more than 12 years of age as on 31 March of the year of admission.


Class 9th - For admission to Class IX a candidate should not be less than 13 years and more than 15 years of age as on 31 March of the year of admission.

Candidates must not be younger than 11 1/2 years old and should not have been 13 by the admission date as on 1 January, 2023



Class 6th - Minimum Required Qualification is 5th Class and appearing students can also apply (Finally Passed).


Class 9th - Applicants should be passed the 8th Standard from an authorized school/board and appearing students can apply but finally, students should be passed the VIII class.

Class 6th - Class 5th pass students or students studying in Class 5 can apply for RMS admission 2021-22


Class 9th - Class 8th pass students or students studying in Class 8 can apply for RMS admission 2021-22

Candidates must be studying in class VII or passed class VII from a recognized school at the time of admission.



Sainik Schools Society under Ministry of Defence (MoD)

Directorate General of Military Training at IHQ of MOD(Army)

Ministry of Defence, through the Directorate General of Military Training, Army HQs

No. of schools




Admission for classes

Sainik Schools allows in class 6th & 9th only.

RMS allows admission in class 8th Class VI and IX

RIMC allows admission in class 8th

Annual Fee

Rs. 140,000

Rs. 24,000

Rs. 62400


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