The course contains the amazing questions of gk for Sainik school pdf class 6, topic quiz, chapter-wise discussion, downloadable Sainik school gk question pdf. And the course is available onl

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Course Description

Class 6 GK AISSEE is meant for students that want to take admission to Sainik School. Geometry school prepares the student to pass the entrance exam with good marks. We have experienced faculty that teaches you about various concepts. You can learn about AISSEE GK for class 6th with live video sessions and lectures. 

The course is designed for teaching students to step by step. The faculty helps the students to develop various skills that help them to solve objective questions. The course also aims to motivate students to solve practice papers, mock sample papers, and previous year sample question papers. 


What's Included

  • 17:08:28 on-demand video
  • 86 Lectures
  • 9 downloadable resources
  • Access on tablet and phone


What you'll learn

  • Geometry School ensures that you will be able to pass the general knowledge section of the Sainik School entrance exam.
  • You will pass the entrance exam with high scores
  • We help to crack the exam with flying colors
  • Our experts make sure that your concepts are clear.
  • You will get the advantage of preparing for other competitive exams.
  • Our experienced faculty teaches you to step by step through live sessions.
  • You will be able to solve the questions in the minimum time.
  • We also help you to practice various mock tests so that you can sharpen your skills.


  • Internet connectivity
  • Headphone
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phones
  • Pen and paper to note down important notes
  • Peaceful environment
  • Pendrive Course for Offline Access




Who is this course for?

  1. GK question for class 6th is for the students who want to get admission to Sainik School 6th class. 
  2. The aspirants of 5th class students who want to study in Sainik School
  3. The students who want to make their career in the armed forces and other government agencies.
  4. Candidates who want to enhance their General Knowledge.



  1. The key objective of the AISSEE General knowledge for class 6th is to prepare you to pass the Sainik School entrance exam. The course provides you with live classes through lectures and videos. 
  2. We have experienced and highly qualified faculty.
  3. Prepare your gk section with the best Sainik school 6th class gk questions.
  4. We aim to develop various skills that will help to solve question papers.
  5. The objective of this course is to make you aware of your surroundings.
  6. The course helps you to develop the required knowledge of concepts.


Course content

The general knowledge course for Sainik School Entrance Exam Class 6th contains various topics. Some of the topics and course content is discussed below:

  1. You must know about mountain terrains and lifestyle. Also, don’t forget to learn about different kinds of scientific devices used in daily life. Remember symbols and icons of India, national emblem, animal and sports, and historical monuments. 
  2. You must be aware of the major religions of India, such as the place of origin, founder, religious books, and important ideas. You must be aware of the shape of Earth and gravitation. The questions from Art and culture will also come in the entrance exam. Moreover, you must remember classical and folk dance, instrumental music, and major dance forms. Also, learn about renowned personalities. 
  3. The intelligence or reasoning section also includes questions from topics like non-renewable sources of energy, defense, culture, food, languages, habitat, and various regions. You must also read content related to Sports and games, major competitions, renowned personalities, trophies, major competitions, and names of young ones of animals. 
  4. The other topics are: How do animals and plants sense the surroundings, the relation between human beings and animals, functions of body parts of animals and plants, taste and digestion concepts, cooking and preserving techniques. 


Various other concepts to be learned are International organizations: basic structure knowledge, functioning, and objectives of World Bank and United Nations. Cultural & Indian literary personalities and their achievements. You must also learn about Indian literacy and cultural awards. 

Also, other topics must be read such as germination, water harvesting methods, natural calamities, evaporation, condensation and water cycle, water pollution, and microbial diseases. You must also know the list of farmers and farming methods, tribal communities and forest produce and experiment with water in daily life. 


For, more subject course of Sainik school entrance exam class 6th

  1. English Language Test
  2. Intelligence[Reasoning]
  3. Mathematics course
  4. Test Series for Sainik School class 6th


What do we offer?

  1. General knowledge course for Sainik school entrance Exam
  2. Concept-based videos in Hindi, English.
  3. Doubt sessions
  4. Tips to solve questions 
  5. E-material will be provided
  6. Exam booster for the last day’s preparation.


What you will get?


  1. You will get the confidence to score good marks in Sainik School 6th class entrance exam
  2. Develop skills to solve questions with accuracy and speed.
  3. You will easily clear the gk section. 
  4. You will get admission to Sainik School
  5. Also, you will clear your concepts.
  6. You will get top-quality course material
  7. 24 by 7 availability of teachers.
  8. Doubt sessions
  9. Exam booster[ set of important questions]