In this course, you will get dedicated live classes on Reasoning, top-notch recorded videos, Test series, Previous Year Papers, E-notes, Unlimited quizzes, and much more relevant content.

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Mathematics is a compulsory subject if you want to clear the entrance exam for UP Sainik School. We help you in doing the preparation for the mathematics part. The main objective of us is to make you perfect in mathematics sums and problems. We also groom the personality of our students with extracurricular activities. You can pass the UP Sainik School entrance exam easily after taking the guidance of our teachers. We offer study material including books, video lectures, and the previous year's practice paper for your practice. Our online classes make students mentally and physically strong. We will improve the accuracy and speed of solving the question.

We have a lot more for you in our kitty, you can crack the entrance exam very easily. So, join UP Sainik School Courses and ensure admission to  UP Sainik School.


What's Included

  • 8:17:31 on-demand video
  • 55 Lectures
  • Access on tablet and phone

What you'll learn

  • You will learn the easy methods and shortcuts which enhance the performance of the student.
  • Our students gained confidence regarding the selection for the entrance exam.
  • Our esteemed faculty is always there for our students to resolve their queries.
  • We designed the updated syllabus as per the Performa of the entrance exam.
  • You will not face any problems while solving the question in the exam.
  • We also said about time management to our students.


  • Internet connectivity
  • Headphone
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phones
  • Pen and paper to note down important notes
  • Peaceful environment
  • Pendrive Course for Offline Access


The motto of this course

The main objective is to help our students in clearing the UP Sainik School entrance exam by solving mathematics problems. The price of the maths course is very reasonable which is accepted by parents.

  1. The teachers are highly qualified and trained to tackle all the problems of students.
  2. Cover all the topics efficiently to get a good result in the exam.
  3. We give you various formulas for doing shortcuts in formulas.
  4. Our focal point on clearing the entrance exam on the first attempt.
  5. We focus on quality, not on the quantity of the students.


Who can take admission in this course?

Any student who wants to prepare for the entrance exam of UP Sainik School can apply for this course. It will help in getting placed in the navy, army, and air force. You can also apply for other government jobs and agencies. For the students who are in class VI and apply for this course, we are the leading UP Sainik School Coaching Center.


What topics were covered in the Mathematics course?

Maths course for the UP Sainik School selection exam for class VII gives you support in getting ready for the  UP Sainik School Selection test. The different subjects are number frameworks like HCF, LCM, littlest and most prominent numbers, place values, adjusting, number series, BODMAS, square root, square, endlessly block roots, change of portions to decimals, prime factorization, and rate.

There are different themes like roman numeration and adjusting numbers, most prominent and littlest numbers, examination of numbers, unitary technique, proportion and extent, time, distance, work, and removal. You will likewise get definite ideas like most minimal structure and same, circle and its parts, characterization of points, and fundamental mathematical ideas like line, point, line fragment, and beam.

You will likewise get information on different ideas like points, triangles, circles, the area of triangles, squares, and square shapes. You will likewise get data on point aggregate property of quadrilaterals and triangles, the volume of cuboid and 3D shape, the transformation of units of region and volume, spot and presumptive estimations of numbers, inside and outside of given figures, point total property of quadrilaterals and triangles. You should likewise know about temperature estimation in degrees Fahrenheit and degree Celsius.


What does Geometry School offer?


  1. • We offer web-based classes to score good marks in Mathematics for class VI.
  2. • Offer online study material in the form of recordings and lectures.
  3. • Geometry School offers mock tests, Previous year papers, and full test series.
  4. • Students can connect directly with the teachers without any barriers.
  5. • The instructors are accessible 24*7 by the students.
  6. • The doubt-clearing session can be organized whenever required. The classes are interactive which attracts students.


These center advantages make Geometry School best for the preparation for the entrance exam.


Why does this course upper hand for students?

  1. • The chances of selection in the entrance exam increase after taking classes from us.
  2. • We cover all of the topics like roman numerals, divisibility rules, HCF, LCM, Ratio and Proportion, Fractions, Percentage, Simple Interest, Speed & Time, etc.
  3. • E material provided by Geometry School.
  4. • Timely doubt sessions organized. 


Final Words

After sharing all the details and information, I would say you will not like any other coaching institute for the preparation of AISSEE. We offer the best-in-class syllabus and method of teaching. The success rate of our students is very high and our students are also satisfied with our education system. Our teachers teach professionally for the benefit of the students. So, join UP Sainik School Coaching from Geometry school.