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About The Course 

Rashtriya military school entrance exam Maths course class 9 supports students for preparing for the Rashtriya Military School entrance exam. The schools select students that are physically and mentally strong. The main objective of our course is to build the personality along with the extracurricular activities. We have experienced staff and faculty that help you to learn basic concepts. We offer live video sessions and interactive lectures. You can pass the RMS entrance exam with good scores. The course is designed in a way so that you can learn the concepts quickly. You can solve maths question papers with speed and accuracy. 

So, don’t worry, you can crack the RMS entrance exam for class 9th. Our staff is available 24 by 7 for solving your queries and doubts online. 


What's Included

  • 18:01:22 on-demand video
  • 95 Lectures
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Access on tablet and phone

What you'll learn

  • Rashtriya military school Maths question class 9 offered by Geometry school helps you to pass the entrance exam.
  • The course is provided by experienced faculty. 
  • The online video helps aspirants to learn skills like time management, accuracy, and speed. 
  • We ensure you that you will get a strong foundation of various concepts. 
  • You can also get prepared for other entrance exams.
  • The course is provided via videos and interactive live sessions. 
  • You can manage your time to solve the questions in the minimum time possible.
  • The mock tests, previous year papers, and sample questions can experience real-time pressure.


  • Special skills are not required as such.
  • You are required to pass the 5th class from a recognized university/board/school.
  • You must practice for the Rashtriya School entrance exam.
  • Desktop/laptop/smartphone
  • Internet speed



The key objective of the Maths course for RMS entrance exam class 9 is to prepare you for the Rashtriya Military School entrance exam. The course is available at the best price. You will get many benefits of availing of this course online from Geometry School. 

  1. The teachers are experienced and highly qualified.

  2. You will be able to learn many skills for solving objective-type questions.

  3. Our course helps you to solve the Maths section with accuracy and speed. 

  4. You can learn about various topics in the math section. 


Who is this course for?

  1. Maths question for Rashtriya military school class 9 is for the students who want to get admission in the 9th class.
  2. The students who want to make their career in the army, navy, and air force. 
  3. The aspirants can also make their careers in government agencies and other high-profile government jobs.
  4. The class 9th students who want to take admission in Rashtriya Military School. 


Course content

Maths course for RMS entrance exam class 9 provides you support in preparing for the Rashtriya Military Entrance exam. The various topics are number systems like HCF, LCM, smallest & greatest numbers, place values, rounding off, number series, BODMAS, patterns, square root, square, cube, and cube roots, conversion of fractions to decimals, prime factorization, and percentage. 

There are various topics like roman numeration and rounding off numbers, greatest and smallest numbers, comparison of numbers, unitary method, ratio & proportion, time, distance, work, and displacement. You will also get detailed concepts like lowest form and equivalent, circle and its parts, classification of angles, basic geometrical concepts like line, point, line segment, and ray. 

You will also get knowledge of various concepts like angles, triangles, circles, area of triangles, squares, and rectangles. You will also get information on angle sum property of quadrilaterals and triangles, the volume of cuboid and cube, conversion of units of area and volume, place and face values of numbers, interior and exterior of given figures, angle sum property of quadrilaterals and triangles. You must also have knowledge of temperature measurement in degree Fahrenheit and degree Celsius. 


What do we offer?

  1. Maths course for RMS entrance exam class 9 entrance exam
  2. Concept-based videos in Hindi, English.
  3. Doubt sessions
  4. Tips to solve questions 
  5. E-material is provided
  6. What you will get?


What you will get?

  1. Rashtriya military school online class for Maths class 9 will help to score good marks.
  2. You will be admitted to Rashtriya Military School
  3. You will get the skills that help you to solve objective type’s questions in Maths.
  4. High-quality course material
  5. 24 by 7 availability of staff and teachers
  6. Instant solutions are provided  



Maths course for RMS entrance exam class 9 will help you to crack all questions. You can develop the skills to solve questions such as time management, accuracy, and speed. We also provide doubt clearing sessions. Your queries will get solved online. So, don’t worry! You must enroll in the RMS course online.