In this course, you will get dedicated live classes on Reasoning, top-notch recorded videos, Test series, Previous Year Papers, E-notes, Unlimited quizzes, and much more relevant content.

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General Knowledge Course Description

General knowledge is required in every phase of life and every entrance exam. It is one of the compulsory subjects for every exam. To meet the cut-off list for the UP Sainik School exam, we offer a proper GK course for the aspirants. We offer quizzes and mock tests to examine your performance in the entrance exam. 

This GK course is specially designed for the aspirants of class IX from UP Sainik School Coachings.

Geometry School covers all the topics and provides study material to educate our students. We also recommend some magazines and the daily habit of reading newspapers for daily news. Our students can take online classes without facing any geographical barriers.


What's Included

  • 14:14:36 on-demand video
  • 63 Lectures
  • Access on tablet and phone

What you'll learn

  • You will understand the basic concepts which make you proficient in the subject.
  • You can get confidence in handling the question in the exam.
  • Faculty supports and solves your queries
  • Updated syllabus as per the requirement of the exam.
  • You will get admission easily to UP Sainik School Coaching.
  • It improves performance and accuracy.


  • Internet connectivity
  • Headphone
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phones
  • Pen and paper to note down important notes
  • Peaceful environment
  • Pendrive Course for Offline Access



The basic objective of this course is to prepare our students educationally for entrance to UP Sainik School. Another objective is for all the students who enrolled with us to pass the entrance exam. Our teacher will also focus on the quality of education. We try innovative methods in the classrooms in the form of games, quizzes, presentations, and many more.

We always tend to improve the success rate of our students. It also leaves a positive impression in the minds of parents and students. So, join UP Sainik School Coachings and ensure your career with the prestigious Indian army.


Who can take admission?

Any students who want to pursue their schooling at UP Sainik School can take admitted, but for this, there are some conditions that every student has to fulfill given below:-

  1. Your previous class was completed by a recognized board.
  2. You have to appear in the entrance exam, and clear the overall cut-off list.
  3. The age of the students will be in between 12.5 to 15 years.
  4. Fathers must have the UP domicile with them.

These are some of the important eligibility criteria for this exam. Beyond this, you need to be fit physically and mentally. After qualifying for the interview process, you need to fulfill the medical exam also. For proper guidance and preparation take UP Sainik School Courses from Geometry School.


Benefits of the GK Course

Geometry School is the finest UP Sainik School coaching center in India. We cover all the topics very efficiently and effectively. After getting the GK course you can improve your knowledge.

  1. Quizzes organized
  2. Discounted price
  3. Improve your personality
  4. Assistance from our teacher


General knowledge is important and can be fulfilled by Geometry School.


What does GK Course offer to students?

We cover almost all of the things which are necessary according to the curriculum vitae of the UP Sainik School entrance exam. We cover various topics like current affairs all over the world, metals & non-metals, reflection and dispersion of light, types of cropping seasons, conservation and reproduction of plants, animals, and insects, etc.

You can learn all of these necessary topics with the help of mixed natural phenomenon quizzes. All these topics are covered under the UP Sainik School Courses. To get the assurance of clearing the exam Geometry School is the only option for aspirants.


Why admit to Geometry School?

Students need to admit to Geometry school because of various reasons. As we all know GK is a must to clear the entrance exam of UP Sainik School. We approach students in such a way, that they are aware of what is going on in the world. Some benefits which our students after enrolling in Geometry school are given below:-


  1. Our student gets good marks and holds a good rank in the UP Sainik school entrance exam and gets admission to Captain Manoj Pandey School.
  2. Aspirants can get round-the-clock assistance from our teachers.
  3. Online classes are live and interactive, you can chat with your classmates and discuss further things.
  4. Get books and online study material to keep you up to date.


The cost of UP Sainik School courses is very reasonable in price.



After reading the reviews and testimonials of our previous customers, you will get to know the reputation, credibility, and family of Geometry School. We will provide knowledge and cover all of the fields such as sports, politics, news, facts & figures, history, and many more. The fees chargeable to avail of UP Sainik School Courses are acceptable by every parent.


After seeing the long list of our selected students, you believe in the methodology of our education system and the syllabus we follow. So, without wasting a single second join Geometry School improvement in your knowledge.