Sainik School entrance complete course provides a complete solution for the preparation of Sainik school class 9th entrance exam. This course is important for the aspirants

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Class 9th preparation of the Sainik school entrance exam is completed by opting for our best study material. We have experienced tutors and faculty to teach you. We have designed the course according to the Sainik School syllabus. 



1.The main objective of Sainik School online coaching for class 9th is to train the students for cracking the entrance exam. 

2.The students learn various tricks and tips to clear the exam in the right manner. 

3.Our experienced teachers also work on weak areas of every aspirant.

4.We design well-structured study material. 

5.The course is according to the latest exam pattern and syllabus. 

6.We also provide practice papers and mock tests. 

7. There is a huge question bank and test series in our AISSEE complete course class 9th. 


Who is this course for?

●       This course is meant for students who are studying in class 8th or passed class 8.

●       The students who are passionate about joining the armed forces.

●       The boys and girls of age between 13-15 years are eligible for the Sainik school coaching for class 9th. 

       The students must pass the entrance exam from a government or a recognized school.


Course Included

111 Lectures Middle Stage
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64 Lectures Middle Stage
₹2,499 ₹4,999
Sainik School Class 9th english preparation.
Sainik School Class 9th english preparation.
40 Lectures Middle Stage
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48 Lectures Middle Stage
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74 Lectures Middle Stage
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Middle Stage
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What's Included

  • 0 Lectures
  • Access on tablet and phone


What you'll learn

  • ● The students can crack the Sainik School entrance exam with good grades.
  • ● You will get clarity on basic concepts of subjects like general science, Maths, English, social science, and intelligence.
  • ● The tutors make sure that the students develop the required skills for cracking the entrance exam.
  • ● The students can pass other entrance exams.
  • ● We provide various model question papers, mock tests, and other study material for the preparation of the course.
  • ● AISSEE complete course class 9th provides study material according to the latest syllabus.


  • Internet connectivity
  • Headphone
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phones
  • Pen and paper to note down important notes
  • Peaceful environment


Course content

Sainik school entrance exam complete online course is being discussed here. We are discussing subject-wise major topics


Sainik school syllabus for class 9th Maths

  1. The mathematics course of 9th class includes rational numbers, linear equations in one variable, average, mode, and median.
  2. You must also know about various other topics like probability, understanding quadrilaterals, pie charts, direct & inverse proportions, bar and line graphs, square and square roots, factorizations.
  3. You must also learn about other concepts such as cubes & cube roots, introduction to graph, percentage, profit & loss, unitary methods, algebraic expression, divisibility exams, area & perimeter, triangles, and volumes & surface area.
  4. You must also look for other concepts such as exponent & power, parallel lines, simple interest, compound interest, playing with numbers, time and work, area and perimeter of circles.
  5. Also, our tutors will teach you about visualizing solid shapes, area & perimeter of circles, Pythagoras theorem, algebraic expression, and Euler’s formula.

English subject syllabus

  1. We have experienced tutors that will provide AISSEE class 9th online coaching. Various topics related to our English crash course are discussed below:
  2. You will find various topics in the AISSEE complete course class 9 like spotting errors, sentence improvement, comprehension passage, change of sentence as directed, antonyms, sentence formation, and synonyms.
  3. The other important topics in the syllabus are prepositions, phrases & clauses, articles, kinds of a noun, types of verbs, adjectives, tense form, interjection, and narration.
  4. You will find other important topics in the syllabus like question tags, voices, adverbs, modals, conjunctions, confusing words, conditions, subject-verb agreement, comparison of adjectives, and correct spellings.
  5. You will also learn about a personal pronoun, order of words in a sentence, change of gender, change of number, and idioms and phrases.


Science subject syllabus

  1. The various topics for the Science course are microorganisms, fossil fuel, coal & petroleum, combustion and flame, some natural phenomena, cell structure. Geometry School offers AISSEE complete crash course for class 9th.
  2. The calorific value of fuel, reproduction in plants & animals, electroplating and artificial jewelry, force, friction and pressure, the relation between types of friction, and sound and its basics.
  3. The tutors will help you to learn various other concepts like cropping seasons, reflection & dispersion of light, agricultural practices, metals and non-metals, synthetic fiber and plastics, biosphere reserve, sanctuaries, and national parks.
  4. There are various other things that you will learn such as chemical effects of electric current, reaching the age of adolescence, changes during puberty, endocrine glands & hormones, stars, and the solar system, pollution of water & air, and global warming.


Social science syllabus

All India Sainik School entrance exam class 9th preparation will provide coaching on various other subjects. The topics of the Social science course are the revolt of 1857, freedom fighters, the importance of freedom movements, social & caste reforms, water cycle, resources & sustainable development, pressure & wind system, land, soil, and water resources. You will find various other topics in the syllabus: mineral & power resources, Indian constitution, the importance of parliament, agriculture types, types of government, and understanding of markets. The experienced teachers will help you learn about elections, Mughals, Delhi sultanate, bhakti & Sufi movement, and changes in Arts, human resources. The syllabus of Sainik School 9th class also contains topics like the interior of Earth, climate change, earthquake, and major landforms, types of rainfall, major grasslands, means of transport, types of forests, communication, life in deserts, panchayat system, and others. You can also learn about local self-government, law, and social justice, judiciary & criminal justice, public facilities, marginalization, natural vegetation, and wildlife.


Sainik School Entrance exam preparation for class 9th intelligence syllabus

You can learn in our Intelligence course about various topics like analogies (Maths and verbal), patterns ( spatial and Maths), classification, visual, logic, paper folding, Direction sense, clock, and many more.


What do we offer?

  1. We provide concept-based videos on every topic.
  2. The language of the course is Hindi, English mixed.
  3. We also offer mock test papers, sample papers, and practice papers.
  4. You can also practice topic quizzes for every topic.
  5. You will also get doubt clearing sessions
  6. The online updated AISSEE class 9th online coaching course material.
  7. 24 by 7 availability faculty and experienced teachers.


What will you get?

  1. AISSEE complete crash course for class 9th.
  2. Mock tests and sample question papers
  3. Updated online study material
  4. Doubt sessions
  5. Instant problem solving



All India Sainik School entrance exam class 9th preparation course material helps you to crack the entrance exam.  We have curated the course according to the latest syllabus. So, you will get all the study material and course material from our website. You will also develop the skills like accuracy and speed skills to solve objective–type questions.